Chapter 3: I Got a Mobile ♥

October 18, 2013

Chapter 3: After arriving in Caracas, Venezuela, Fernando gets his first taste of Latin America. But things take a surprising turn when he meets a girl with a secret... Read More

Chapter 2: 200%

October 15, 2013

This is a song about being 100% American and 100% Latino at the same time. The video chronicles the life of Fernando Venegas-Paya, growing up in a bicultural household and living, working, and dating in 2 languages and cultures. Read More

Chapter 1: Latinoamerica

October 10, 2013

In chapter, 1, a random argument with a waiter starts Fernando on a path that will end up changing his life. He fantasizes about a Latin American journey at a bookstore and prepares for his trip. Read More

Video series LAUNCHED!

September 24, 2013

Indie-inspired, Latin-hearted group Del Exilio brings you new music videos from their new album PANAMERICANO, blending telenovela episodes with traditional music videos. Check out this web video series that captures the story of how an immigration reform revolution is sparked, and how a young man's identity is transformed by a journey through North and South America. Read More